June 20, 2019

Books and Manuscripts


Here’s how it works:  After you have self-edited through a few drafts, I will look over your writing. You have been living the life you’ve been writing about and you think it reads perfectly fine, but how does it sound to others? How does someone without your experiences and unique imagination receive the story? Do your sentences say what you mean them to say? I will look at your work with a critical eye and remove excess wordiness and confusing or repetitive phrases. With me in your court, there will be no more awkward grammar or ambiguous wording. I will give your manuscript the attention and thought it deserves by drawing you to re-examine parts that can be elaborated on and suggest pieces of your story that don’t add value or understanding and can be deleted.

Working with an editor is a vital stage that will speed up the process of getting your work into the hands of an agent or publisher. I won’t rewrite your story, but I will help you find and maintain your voice and make sure it’s understandable to your readers. I act as the audience, not the author, so I have an objective eye. I am the Yin to your Yang.

And besides, I enjoy being part of the creative process. I will make sure that every change and every nuance is notated for your approval. You will always have final call on all edits. I’ll also be here for you when you need to talk or have a question—by email, telephone, IM, Skype, or text.