July 17, 2019

Terms of Service

EDITORIAL SERVICES PLUS (ESP) editors receive, edit, and return all client documents as specified on our Services and FAQs pages.

ESP will protect your intellectual copyright, classified material, and other forms of confidential documents. Our clients retain sole copyright, ownership, and control over all materials submitted to us for proofreading and editing.

ESP does not implicitly endorse, recommend, or support the content of your edited documents, unless explicitly agreeing to do so.

ESP warns all clients that plagiarism and breach of copyright are serious offenses. ESP has no responsibility or liability for detecting or reporting plagiarized material.


All information collected in our online payment process is collected by a third party payment site. If they have trouble processing an order, they will contact us so that we may help resolve the problem. Your sensitive information (credit card information) is not shared back with us. Only your name and contact information is shared back with us, so that we may help resolve any problems. The privacy policy of the credit card processing company and Payza will govern the collection and use of your personally identifiable information while on their sites. The information collected is only used for billing purposes and order fulfillment and not for their own marketing purposes.

No sensitive and/or personal information is ever requested on our website except as described in the information above.