July 17, 2019

eBook Formatting and Publishing

Our electronic-book conversion service gives you handsome, readable type with attention to detail. You’ll get a table of contents that jumps to each chapter with a touch. We’ll make sure there is proper formatting of headings, tables, and even poetry.

We will make sure that it meets all the electronic requirements and will provide you with both EPUB and MOBI formatted files. You will be able to sell your eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple’s iBookstore—any place that sells eBooks.

EPUB format is based on the open, flexible book code that looks great on all the best digital readers. When Apple announced that the iPhone and new iPad would use the ePub format too, the demand for ePub books rose by about a zillion readers.

After you’re completely happy with your formatting, we can also help you upload them and build you a website to market your book. Just ask!