July 17, 2019

Billing Methods

Billing methods can vary based on project size and duration. Smaller, short-term projects from new clients require immediate payment in full, whereas larger or long-term projects may involve a deposit and progress payments. Contact EDITORIAL SERVICES PLUS (ESP) for additional information on pricing or billing your specific project.

Companies and individuals may remit in person with cash ($USD); by mail via $USD money order, $USD cashier’s check or company check, or by credit card via Payza (preferred method). Personal checks are not accepted.

Payza is a secure, compliant online payment solution that processes instant payments between people and businesses,and the Better Business Bureau vouches for its legitimacy.

Liability. Editorial Services Plus promises to make its best effort to locate and correct all grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. If the copyedited result is grammatically correct, but unsatisfactory to you, additional revisions you request will be billable. It is your sole responsibility—before duplicating, distributing or otherwise publishing the document—to fully review the edited document to make sure that the result will be satisfactory; Editorial Services Plus cannot be responsible for your duplication or distribution costs.