July 17, 2019

Rates & Estimates

The following is a rough guideline and can only provide estimates. Every manuscript or project is different and requires a different level of editing depending on the nature of the work. Whether you prefer a flat rate or hourly rate, we can negotiate fees for each project and provide an estimate. Editorial Services Plus maintains the right to renegotiate fees if additional pages or requirements are added to the project.

To receive a formal estimate, please submit the entire project for review (electronic or hard copy). If you decide to pursue the project, a contract will be sent to you for signature. Return the contract along with a hard copy to our offices and send us a complete electronic copy for editing.

We prefer to edit in Microsoft Word’s Track Changes, but we can accommodate manual editing on hard copy if that is your preference. We highly recommend using Track Changes to minimize the introduction of new errors and to speed up the overall process.


Level of Edit Completion Speed increases if Speed decreases if
Proofreading 8-10 pages/hour
  • Few errors
  • Simple format
  • Clean copy
  • No style queries
  • Many errors
  • Complex format
  • Symbols
  • Foreign characters
  • Checking for style
Basic Copyediting 5-8 pages/hour
  • Few errors
  • Content familiar
  • Electronic
  • No references
  • No tables or figures
  • Many errors
  • Content unfamiliar
  • References inconsistent
2-6 pages/hour
  • Content familiar
  • Electronic format
  • (Same as above)
  • Illegible
  • Handwritten
  • (Same as above)
One page = approximately 250 words double spaced

Proofreading $25–35/hour: The document has already been edited and typeset. We look for any remaining errors or check against edited copy for publishing accuracy.

Copyediting—Basic Line Edit $30–40/hour: This takes place when the content has been finalized and before the document is in the proof stage. We will correct errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. We will check for correct syntax, appropriate word usage, format, and cadence. We will also check for consistency in style, organization, cross-references, titles, chapter heads, and subheads making sure they are parallel, complete, and organized, as well as consistent with the table of contents.

Substantive (Content) Editing $45–60/hour: We will edit content and make suggestions on structure, completeness, organization, coherence, transitions, and tone. We’ll help you determine what should be added, developed, or deleted to enhance the manuscript and assure that the audience is addressed appropriately. We’ll look at the overall integrity and quality of the document, including conformance to writing and editorial standards.

Developmental Editing $60–80/hour: We will work closely with you from the initial concept and during formative stages of your manuscript. We will help outline the fundamental structure, identify the voice of the narration, ensure the logical development of content, and establish an appropriate depth and extent of topic coverage. We will study competing works and create a product that stands out.

Reduction Editing $30–45/hour: Reduce your document’s total word count. We will delete, omit, and truncate excess language in order to meet your specific requirements. All changes are completely visible in Microsoft’s Track Changes for your approval.

Rewriting $50–$100/hour: We will take your notes or rough draft and work the material into a well-written document to ensure that voice, style, and focus is directed toward the intended audience.

Transcription—$20/Hour (One hour of recording takes approximately 4–5 hours to transcribe): Many individuals and corporations need a transcript of their audio-books, meetings, webinars, workshops, seminars, or lectures. We fact-check all unrecognizable words and terms to ensure accuracy and correct spelling. Prices go up if there are more than two people, heavy accents, or poor recording. Any clean-up of back-ground noise, etc. will be charged extra. No recording is too difficult for us to tackle.

Website Content Writing or Editing: What you show to the world on your website needs to be engaging and worth reading, as well as rich in optimization for the search engines so people can find you! SEO writing is an ART as well as a SCIENCE. It’s not enough to just make sure that all your key words are within the written copy. We will take your rough notes or written content and rewrite it in non-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) language without compromising SEO value. Hire one of our SEO experts to guarantee your visibility. Estimate will be provided after we take a look at your needs.

eBook Formatting and Publishing: Hire one of our formatters to assure that you can be seen on Amazon’s Kindle (.mobi format), Barnes and Noble’s Nook, or Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iBookstore (.epub format). We will make sure that it passes all the relevant check points for acceptance. Once formatted you can upload your books yourself or hire one of our expert ebook publishers to do it for you. Contact us for rates and estimates for your project.