July 17, 2019

Executive Support

Some or all of the following can be offered as Executive or Administrative Support:


  • Relieve management of administrative detail, all projects
  • Coordinate work flow
  • Update and chase delegated tasks to ensure progress to deadlines
  • Take initiative in manager’s absence
  • Keep projects on schedule
  • Maintain procedures manual to ensure consistent performance of routines


  • Compose correspondence/reports for own or manager’s signature
  • Arrange essential mail in priority action order for boss
  • Check deadlines on incoming requests and put preliminary work in play
  • Process replies on own initiative or from bosses’ dictation or notes
  • Research, draft or abstract reports


  • Handle all inquiries within my capacity
  • Arrange “callbacks” to protect boss’s time
  • Provide back-up materials for callbacks
  • Route calls elsewhere as needed
  • Do phone surveys/inquiries as needed


  • Prepare agenda in advance
  • Arrange meeting facilities
  • Act as recording secretary; prepare action minutes


  • Perform to earn full confidence
  • Assure discreet handling of all business


  • Screen to control interruptions
  • Provide back-up data as needed
  • Arrange amenities as needed


  • Arrange travel through internal or outside agents
  • Arrange travel cash in advance
  • Prepare itinerary, trip file and supplies
  • Prepare expense report tools for boss
  • Complete expense reports after trip


  • Update secretarial/clerical desk manual
  • Routinely re-order department supplies
  • Update mail/phone directories


  • Handle administrative detail, all projects


  • As required, recruit, hire, train and supervise part-time or full-time, paid, or unpaid/volunteer secretarial or clerical staff