June 20, 2019


I thought you might like to know how I became an editor and why my qualifications and background lend themselves to this profession.

As long as I can remember I was the person who scrutinized documents. As an employee with the Chicago Park District, between high school and college, I had to review payroll each week for accuracy. After many compliments, I started to realize this was a valued and rare skill! My eagle eye hatched early and grew with each year and new opportunities.

Following college, I was a legal secretary for several years. My work was exemplary because all legal documents that passed from my hands were in good form and went out error-free. Other secretaries asked me to look over their work on a regular basis. I didn’t mind the extra work. I had and continue to have a passion for excellence. I truly enjoyed looking for errors in typing and spelling, and especially grammar. My eagle eye was alive and well. My foray into the legal field then led me to the real estate industry, which included the title insurance business. Closing documents could not be less than perfect. Again, I excelled at this and enjoyed seeing the world from another point of view.

After that I worked for many years as an office manager at an IT consulting firm in Chicago. In this position I had a staff of graphic designers and administrative assistants. I was the final eye, entrusted with all presentation materials and proposals, due to my well-known accuracy. Soon, every time I turned around, someone else wanted me to “take a look at this, please.” This was a great corporate experience that also included helping our top brass open new branches of the growing company. I had so much fun traveling to San Francisco, New York, and Boston. I also had the opportunity to go to Southeast Asia on a business trip, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

When the company was finally acquired by a large accounting firm, I chose instead to head west to California. After a short stint in the hospitality industry, I started working in law enforcement as a crime scene investigator! (You know, like on TV. But nothing was ever solved in just an hour.) What a fascinating career left-turn! Though this was not anything like my previous positions, there was a common thread—my evidence collection had to be perfect; my reports had to be clear and concise. My eagle eye found evidence at crime scenes others couldn’t see. I’ve always been observant, curious, and able to look beyond the obvious. Due to my flawless evidence, I received numerous commendations for my ability to submit evidence that convicted suspects for the crimes they had committed. It was an interesting and rewarding career but, quite frankly, it was entirely too stressful! Back-to-back crime day-after-day was not my cup of tea.

I then entered the marketing field at a global training and development company headed by Ken Blanchard of The One Minute Manager fame. Here my editing and business sense took off on a whole new level. Since I had been editing for many years already, I decided to make it official and obtained my Copyediting Certificate from the University of California San Diego. I was now able to hang up my own shingle. My eagle eye continued to mature. I soon became a senior editor at the company and spearheaded the development of a company-wide corporate style manual, which is still in use today. I wrote and developed client success stories and magazine articles, managed the company’s print-ad campaign, became Editor-in-Chief of the company’s online newsletter, and continued to edit marketing collateral. In addition I helped manage company trade shows and events. I was an expert at making sure all the technology was in place for keynote speakers and break-out sessions, attending to every detail. During this time I went back to school in the evenings and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, which gave me a more complete understanding of the world of business and finance.

I soon became involved and interested in the healing modalities, mostly receiving treatments for myself in holistic medicine and acupuncture. This led to a strong interest in medicine and I decided to go back to school to become an acupuncturist. While not a career path for me, I did find it fascinating and informative. And, more importantly, I learned quite a bit of medical terminology to add to my cadre of experience.

During my studies toward obtaining a master’s degree in Chinese medicine, I began freelance work with my newly formed company:  Editorial Services Plus. I continued to edit and develop marketing materials for entrepreneurs. I wrote consumer articles for an independent financial company, transcribed for the infamous Tony Robbins, and learned quite a bit about producing documents, printing, and marketing my own business.

After more than a decade in San Diego, I moved back to Chicago where I continued my freelance work and built a new clientele. For a time I was transcribing recordings of congress in session, large corporate transactions and meetings, focus groups, and entertainment shows producing transcripts on a worldwide media scale. I also moved into manuscript editing and helped authors develop their books. I loved learning about the publishing industry and the requirements for getting eBooks into the market for Kindles, Nooks, and iPads. This is a new passion of mine. I truly enjoy being part of the creative process from inception to the success of being published. I share the joy with each author and find it to be such a rewarding experience to hear a dream and then help make it a reality!

I continue to transcribe, as I’m still learning an enormous amount working in new and different industries—I hesitate putting transcription on the shelf just yet. Plus, I still take great pride in my accuracy, high level of integrity, and confidentiality that I know has grown from my early “eagle eye” days and throughout each life and work experience.

Now that you know a little bit about me and how I became an editor, you can see how I will be able to assist you in many domains—government, law, technology, training and development, law enforcement, medicine, finance, entertainment, and both fiction and non-fiction.

What a life!  Next?