July 17, 2019


A good editor is a writer’s closest ally

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Books and Manuscripts

CONGRATULATIONS!  You have finally written your book and now you wish you had an editor to hone the words and fix those grammar errors you realize are there, but don’t know how to fix. You know, that section that doesn’t seem to flow quite right, but the passage is so creative you want to keep it in—but you’re worried about losing your voice or facing the horrors of a slash and burn.

Relax! Consider me your best ally.

Not only will I help you get your manuscript ready for a literary agent to review and start marketing to publishers, but I will be your encouragement and best friend throughout the process. Choosing an editor is the one easy step you can take and count on to ensure your manuscript truly stands out from the crowd. Partner with me and together we will shape your manuscript into a book that is ready to sell!
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eBook Formatting and Publishing

Even with today’s technology, converting a manuscript for print or PDF distribution into an eBook requires manual editing and formatting to make it function properly and look great. You can go with a do-it-yourself (DIY) formatter and it will get the job done, but it takes real eyeballs and attention to detail to make sure the outcome of the conversion looks stunning! You’ll want your conversion to look great on any device. An automated conversion poorly done will lead to bad reader reviews, which means fewer sales of your book—no matter how good your content is!

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Business Offerings

Everything that leaves your hands, whether it is a letter, a form, a memo, or a product, in print or on your website, is a reflection on you and your company. The public, consciously or unconsciously, forms opinions about you and your organization based on the quality of your written products. To stay competitive, it is crucial to plan and enhance your business growth through your image.

As a trained editor I will correct, revise, and adapt written material for publication or presentation. I can also help you with transcription, research and fact checking, photo research, ghostwriting, and website design. No job is too small or too big for us.

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